Our parent organisation, Kale Charity (SC048617) is run entirely on donations from generous supporters. We graciously accept donations through several services designed to suit your budgets; from one-off donations, to sponsorships, and small regular direct debits.



We support one-off donations directly through PayPal. This is the best way to send us a one-off donation.



Patreon is a really easy way to give small amounts regularly, and we can give you sneak-peeks as we build new things!


If you'd prefer to make a recurring donation in GBP, you can set up a Direct Debit instead.

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Help spread the word by tweeting us a message of support! #AdoptAnimals #KaleCharity ๐Ÿพ

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Corporate Sponsors

We're very grateful to several businesses that have donated services, or credit, to us. Click on their logos below to learn more about them.