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Scarbra is a sweet, brown lionhead rabbit, bonded with Vaila. The girls are best buds and are commonly found snuggling on top their hideaway house.The girls enjoy exploring new areas and like a runaround and zoomie on occasion. Scarba is a bit more active and likes digging her litter out of her house. She does seem interested in gnawing on skirting boards so will need a well rabbit proofed enclosure. Both the girls aren't too keen on hay but seem to maintain a small but consistent appetite. As with most rabbits, their appetite and droppings should be monitored especially when settling into their new home. The girls are given a mix of meadow and Timothy hay and seem to like them equally. They are fed Burgess excel pellets and love kale and spinach but are needing to lose weight so this is restricted. As with most bunnies, the girls can find being picked up stressful but are pretty happy being held and pet. All in all these sweet buns are cute, nice, chill girls who would be a lovely addition to your family.

Vaila | ♀


Scarba is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Beloved Rabbits.

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