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We are a Mum and 2 daughters, how fabulous do we look? Our foster carer has an indoor set up, however she also thinks we would thrive outdoors. We need loads of space to satisfy our curiosity and energy! We're happy to try anything to eat, however our favourite is dried dandelion and coriander. A mixture of meadow and Timothy hay would be lovely. We do like a good nibble, so please provide cardboard and especially willow balls, we love them! We like to run around our foster carers feet when she comes to see us and we also like nudging her to say 'hi' back. My foster carer thinks I might have a hearing impairment, but it doesn't affect me! I love to play. Sometimes my sister chases me around a bit because she wants to be the boss, but that's okay. However, I would appreciate it if two separate areas for eating hay were provided in my housing, as she sometimes chases me away when I'm having a good munch! Like most rabbits, we don't really like being handled but will take little nose rubs. Do you have plenty of space for us?

Mercedes | ♀

Chi-Chi | ♀


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Prefers outdoor environments

Bonded with others