Lop Eared



Get to know me

Milos is loving his shed and has found his favourite place to sit, up high and on top of the hay pile. He is a great hay muncher and is super tidy, always using the litter tray. He enjoys time outdoors and even sits in the rain! His foster mum needs to keep on top of his grooming and maintenance to keep his floofy coat in tip top condition. He tucks into nuggets and greens too, kale is his favourite but he isn't fond of banana! Milos likes to have lots of tunnels and hidey holes he can run through and does a bit of a back shuffle to get out again haha. He has been through treatment for weepy eyes and even after teeth burring and tear duct flush this hasn't been resolved, he is happy in himself, not in pain and as long as the area around his eyes is kept dry he is comfortable and happy in himself with no prescribed medication. Milos would love to find a forever home with a lovely buddy for company in an outdoor set up.


Milos is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Beloved Rabbits.

Prefers outdoor environments