Get to know me

Bulbasaur is a light tan coated rabbit that is bigger than her bonded buddy Ivysaur. Once some trust is built, these friendly bunnies like being petted and will seek your attention by nuzzling your legs and feet if you're in the room. Both bunnies like to explore their surroundings, though Bulbasaur is a little more outgoing and braver than Ivysaur and will scope out the situation before she joins. They mostly spend their time relaxing, cuddling and grooming. Bulbasaur likes to bunny flop after a good session of exploring, whereas Ivysaur prefers to flop all over the fresh hay she's just been given. When it's playtime, they like to chew and tear cardboard boxes to shreds, but also enjoy foraging toys such as hay stuffed toilet rolls with treats inside. These buddies love their food! They dive straight in and don't come up for air until it's all gone. Though not a fan of carrots, they like lettuce, any kind of green veggies, blueberries and mixed dry herbs for bunnies. They can be a bit messy with their hay, but they're litter trained and not destructive at all. They don't like being chased and tend to hop away from loud toddlers, so would suit a home with older children that know how to be gentle and patient.


Bulbasaur is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Beloved Rabbits.

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