Get to know me

Fiorentina is a gorgeous girl! She is very smart and loves to explore the surroundings, she likes to hide and jump through boxes so she has a couple around the room to move around as she pleases. She is clean with her litter tray and will not poop or pee outside. She loves to sleep on an elevate surface, so she always sleeps on the roof of her hutch. Due to her desire to be more free roaming she gets demanding and will rattle the cage at times when she is used to be being outside so everyday she would need to get some out of the enclosure for sure. As for food, she enjoys the Burgess nuggets and will eat regular hay but is not crazy for it nonetheless is progressively eating more. She will eat any veg and treats are always welcome. Mostly dried dandelion, dandelion roots and Selective Naturals - Meadow Loops. Do you have the husbun to make a perfect pair!?


Fiorentina is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Beloved Rabbits.