Get to know me

Aaron, is a very cute bunny with one ear up and the other down! He has beautiful soft white fur, longer around his head and a good sized, fluffy scut! Aaron was and still is very timid and hesitant about being touched, however, with time, patience and trust will allow a little stroke on his head. Aaron is looking to interact and once settled really comes out of his shell with binkies and nose nudges. He sits at your feet to be close and is also the king of fish flops! He LOVES his food and is not shy in letting you know his food bowl is empty 🐰. Aaron is very clean, litter trained and a very chilled bun, most active morning and evening. He is very playful with his hay filled ball, loves to dig and sleeps most of the day! He has the run of most of the house and has just started jumping up on the sofa, however he has not tried to explore all areas yet. His foster mum explains that he is the perfect house bun chewing nothing! Aaron will hide and run with any sudden movement, so an adult only house would be a better for this gorgeous boy! Aaron will need time and patience to build up his trust but then will be a lovely easy going, chilled companion for any bun lover! Aaron sits with the rabbit door stop all day whilst his foster mum is at work…have you got a rabbit waiting for the perfect husband? Look no further and adopt Aaron today!


Aaron is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Beloved Rabbits.