Collie / Staffordshire Bull Terrier



Get to know me

Biscuit is currently our longest resident, and she is patiently waiting to find an ideal home which matches her specific rehoming needs. Biscuit is a very intelligent girl with lots of energy and a sassy personality. She is known to resource guard and requires an experienced owner who has a strong understanding of dog body language and behaviour, so this issue can be managed appropriately. She cannot be rehomed with children or have visiting children in her new home, and she needs to be the only pet living in her home. Biscuit would not suit living in a flat and requires a main door property with her own secure garden which is not shared with other neighbours. Biscuit is obsessed with playing with a ball, and loves collecting toys from our paddock and bringing them back to her kennel, so she can continue to play with them there. She also loves paddling in the sea when she goes on walks to the beach. She can seem aloof and is not keen on strangers handling her or being in her space, however she can be affectionate, but this is always on her own terms and once a special bond and trust has been established. Biscuit will therefor require multiple visits to get to know her new owner before she would be ready to go to a new home. In the right home, with understanding and commitment, Biscuit will make a very rewarding pet. Once she has settled into her new home, Biscuit may enjoy activities such as Canicross and scent work, which with her energy and intelligence she is sure to excel at. If you are interested in adopting, please visit our ‘How to Adopt' page on our website and complete an interest form for our team to review.


Biscuit is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Needs an experienced owner

Must be the only dog